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  Welcome to the official website of the  CVA DX CONTEST is a contest sponsored by the School of Communications of the Brazilian Army The Contest Green-Yellow (CVA) is one of the most important activities of the amateur radio Brazil, meeting, this year in its 59th edition, which implies tradition and demonstrated proficiency over all these years. The CVA DX Contest is always held the third weekend of August CW and fourth weekend of August SSB.


     The CVA was incorporated into the Soldier Week celebrations, by a Ministerial notice on 16 June 1972, and aims to promote reconciliation among amateurs and guilds radioamadorísticas - civilian and military worldwide - amateurs and mingle in the celebration activities Soldier of the week, publicizing the events related to the August 25 and the image of Duque de Caxias, patron of the Brazilian Army.

Here comes the CVA DX Contest 2018

18/19 - CW        25/26 - SSB


Send your CVA log to: /

Deadline for CVA log submission : September 9

    The Competition Green and Yellow or CVA, is the most traditional contest amateur Brazilian history in its 59th edition, has over the years gradually evolving and adapting to mold the world contests. The Brazilian Army through the School of Communications incetiva the practice of amateur and sees the importance of amateur radio in the country's development. And over that 58 year contests demosntra the affection and enthusiasm that Brazil has with the CVA. In 2011 the CVA opened the doors to the world and in just over two years the CVA DX is reaching space in the international scene showing Brazil and the world the power of amateur radio in our country.

Amateur Radio Club of the School of Communications of the Brazilian Army 

Official Organizer of the CVA DX Contest



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